Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Goodbye October...

After quite possibly the worst October in my life....it really was PANTS......a new month is finally here......Welcome November!

And what a good start so far.....the sun is shining, the autumn leaves are looking glorious...

...and my laptop is up and running again.....for the last two weeks I've had computer problems.....but a trip to the Apple store today (2nd in 4 days....their customer service is excellent though!).....and all problems are resolved and repaired, and my laptop is now running brill again....yay!!!!

But it really is quite shocking how dependent we have become on technology....I felt quite lost without a working computer in the house....I couldn't catch up on my favourite blogs, I couldn't write my own blog, I couldn't search the internet, my Angels couldn't do their homework.....but thankfully, all is restored to order once again.

The holly trees are absolutely loaded with bright, shiny red berries.....

I hope that doesn't mean a hard winter is in store for us again.....if so, it would be the third winter in a row.....think it might be time to think about escaping the winter for somewhere warm and sunny.....in my dreams anyway....he he he.

And even my marguerites are still flowering their sweet little hearts out....

But best of all, the super, duper, fabulicious news I received a few weeks ago is still on-track.....things are being organised, with lots of happy surprises and memories in the making.....I can't wait....but all good things come to those who wait....so I'm trying to be patient......while keeping busy getting things ready.

November IS going to be a good month!!!


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  1. It is actually amazing how much we take technology for granted. My eldest is trying to wangle a phone from me now he has started secondary school. I told him I managed my schooling years without one, but apparantly i'm ancient!

    Beautiful pictures!