Thursday, 8 December 2011

Word Love......

A few months ago I saw a wonderful word sign on a door, in a house, in a magazine....I loved the words, so I took a photo of the picture and kept it on my phone....I'd never seen anything like this in the day, I told myself, I would try to make something like it. Then yesterday I took my friend M out shopping to a town we had not explored before.....we wandered into a nice little shop, and oh my, oh joy.....there was the lovely little sign, just like in the picture....well I thought it was just like the one in the picture, but it turns out one of the words is different.....but that didn't matter, I still loved the words anyway......I oohed and ahhhed over it....but in the end my head overruled my heart and I walked out of the shop empty handed.

We did a little more wandering, and a little more looking, and then had a spot of lunch in a nice little cafe....the best ever panini we've ever had, actually....but the little sign had been playing on my mind, niggling at I said, on the way home I'd pull over outside the shop and run in....if it was still there I'd have it, if it wasn't, it wasn't meant to be....and guess was still there....soooooo, I did have it.......

I these words....they are such wise, wonderful words to live by.....keep Peace in your heart, always live in Hope, and spread Joy wherever you are! The words are ideal to hang for Christmas.....reminding us to spread the Christmas spirit, but they are also perfect for remembering at any time of the year.

The other sign, incidentally, said.....Joy Love Peace....which is absolutely lovely too, but I do have a couple of other words that say Love....and I need to remember to stay this sign is actually even better than the one I coveted in the magazine!

May we all keep Peace in our hearts, always live in Hope, and spread Joy wherever we are!


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