Thursday, 26 January 2012

We're back......

H a p p y   N e w   Y e a r !

Phew, it's been a while since I've posted here.....we've been soooo busy......half way round the world in ZEALAND.....for the most fabulous, wonderfullest Christmas and holiday with family and friends....remember that most fabulicious surprise I mentioned way back here? Well......this was it!

Silver Fern - Ponga

It was a H U G E surprise for my Angels who knew nothing about our trip until 2 nights before we travelled. It was full to the brim with new experiences....they had never even flown before. It was so full on, our feet never seemed to touch the ground......there was so much to see and to meet, driving to learn, cows and sheep to round up, eels to catch, quad bikes to ride, shooting to try, a tractor get to grips with, amazing and unique flora and fauna to marvel at, new friends to make, bikes, scooters and skateboards to ride, new pets to look after, graves to visit, long bike rides to tire, laughter, fun and excitement to be had, Christmas presents to be opened, new games to learn, seas to swim in, farms to explore, museums to see, flying foxes to zip on, boiling mud pools to wonder at, water slides to zoom down, BBQs to cook, earthquakes to feel, Christmas trees to find, cut and decorate, volcanic activity to learn about, donkeys to ride, birthdays to celebrate, sheep shearing to see, chickens to hold, old friends to catch up with, a ferry trip round the harbour to enjoy, an isolated island to explore, hot pools to relax in, Maori culture to experience at first hand, sheep shows to watch, lots and lots of yummy food to devour.......Wow, that was A LOT to pack into a few short weeks!

National Emblem - the Silver Fern

It's been a long, long time.....more than half my lifetime, in fact......since I have been surrounded by family.....and it felt sooooo being wrapped up all comfy and cosy in the warm (maybe that was because it was summer, hehe) embrace of a cuddly was very, very hard, sad and bittersweet when it was time to say goodbye.

But while we were there, we had the most amazing time, with loads and loads of fabulous memories made, to treasure for the rest of our lives.

Home of the Rugby World Cup Holders

Our most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to everyone who made our time in NZ so special and amazing, but especially to my Dad and his wife G.....

T H A N K   Y O U ! ! !

from the bottom of our hearts.

I was hoping to post little blog entries every few days while we were out there, but seriously.....there just wasn't the time.....we had to make the most of every available hour, minute I hope to make a series of posts over the next few days with a small selection of the 1500 or so photos we took.....a "flavour' of our best holiday ......E V E R ! ! !



  1. Awwwww What a fabulous post! Do you know, I was thinking about you this morning and hoping you were ok and that whatever your surprise was, was a good one! Glad it was and cannot wait to hear more about it and see lots of great piccies! Welcome back!


  2. Oh, oh, oh, what a fabulous treat and Christmas present. I couldn't imagine a better one plus spending it with family - I bet you were all so very excited.

    Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Nina xxx