Friday, 16 September 2011


Ahhhhh, hear that.....nothing.....silence......not a whisper......wonderful! The Angels are all off at school, and I'm in the kitchen making my breakfast......silence really can be golden! After all the hustle and bustle of getting everyone and everything ready and out the door for school, it's so peaceful to sit down for a few moments to enjoy a cup of tea and hot, buttery, jammy toast, in my own company, before I set about starting my chores for the day of making my home a clean, tidy, calm, haven of peace.......

I my dreams it's going to be a clean, tidy, calm, haven of peace.....but, it's actually gonna take a whole lot more than just a few chores to make it so. But then, life is for living and enjoying, and sometimes we need to just embrace that, and leave the chores for another for today, nothing is worth more than this day.....the jobs will still be waiting for us tomorrow!


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  1. Okay, weirdly spooky..........I got in from my morning rush round to realise that I hadn't actually had any breakfast or lunch, so tea and toast it was and a quick blog catch up whilst I munch and sip. I have just read your post and am staring at your picture, then looking at my cup and saucer and plate next to me and it's identical!!!!!!! The lovely sophie conran cup and saucer and a blue spot plate (which looks identcial too, not just similar)!!!!! How weird! No jam though, just butter today! ha ha!

    The silence this week has been enjoyed when I could get it! Rather a hectic one and very much looking forward to the weekend to play catch up with things.

    Your garden flowers in your last post were beautiful and I loved the soup made with the chicken carcasses, sounds heavenly.....must try!

    Have a super weekend!

    Vanessa xxx