Sunday, 11 September 2011

More Baking......

Big Miss has been wanting to make some more jam tarts after her success before we went on holiday. I bought the pastry.....but forgot the jam.....and we'd gobbled all our jam on she and the pastry had to wait patiently for more jam to be purchased. Then I bought the jam.....but Big Miss was back to more patience was required.

Last night Big Miss had her friend L for a sleepover, so today I thought the right time had finally come to make those jam tarts....they could do it together..... yippees and yaaaays were chorused .....and they set to. Some half hour or so later ......the first batch had been prepared, cooked and was cooling.....and the second batch popped in the oven. But then the girls seemed with the fun of making now over, they clearly had more important girly business to attend to in the bedroom. It's just as well then that I was still pottering around the kitchen......or we would have had sticky, sooty, black jammy blobs......not nearly as delicious as a tin full of shiny, sticky, jammy jam tarts......

And delicious they were too! It is soooo lovely to have a tin full of homemade yumminess.

I was just reading Lucy's latest post over at Attic24 ......such a lovely blog..... where she was saying she is trying to keep her family supplied with homemade cookies instead of buying from the supermarket, and how it takes some doing with such high family demand.....I know just where she's coming from. Many years ago when I had only one, then two little Angels, I did this. But it was something I felt I had to mother had, my grandmother had, my aunties I had to too.....I had some deluded idea that it was essential for mummies to do this. Unfortunately, I also felt I had to do lots of other things as well, and eventually I made myself rather ill because I was trying to do too much......annnnd I didn't enjoy any of it. So I had to take a step back, and learn that I didn't have to do everything, and it was ok to buy cookies from the supermarket sometimes.

Now though, I'm in a much better place within myself, and I'm much more relaxed about buying cookies from the supermarket.....but I do like to try to have at least one tin of homemade goodies ready to delve into for dessert......or that special treat......but now I'm a lot more laid-back if stuff it often does in our busy lives today.....and I don't manage to have a tin full of goodies. I also think that my Angels and I appreciate homemade all the more when there isn't an abundant choice and constant supply of homemade goodies in the tins.....when I was a little girl I took all the wonderful home baking that I could help myself to for granted, and longed for supermarket bought, packet biscuits in my lunchbox. Of course, now I realise how very lucky I was, and want for my Angels to have, and enjoy homemade baking without them becoming unappreciative of the delights, superior taste and texture, and homeliness that is home baking, as I did......and with me ENJOYING the making and baking, but feeling relaxed and OK if I just don't have time now and again to always have a tin full of homemade deliciousness to devour at dessert time.

 that I have learnt I can't do everything all the time.....I  that I have learnt to enjoy the making and baking again.... that I can teach my Angels the delights of making, baking and eating homemade goodies......but I also  it when they have mastered the making and baking, and I can just enjoy the eating ......more jam tarts please! 


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  1. I feel the need for baking today. I haven't done it for a while. I end up eating too much of it! The Bears love to bake, but they do get bored by the end of the making stage! You are right, homemade is so lovely, but I don't beat myself up about buying shop bought. I think there is a place for everything and I am open to cheats if it saves time and keeps me n top of things!

    Have a super day

    Vanessa x