Thursday, 15 September 2011

Autumn Blooms.....

After a rather chilly start, it's been one of those glorious Indian summer afternoons ......gently warm and balmy. I was taking a stroll.....of the most amiable kind....... around the garden, and was delighted to find a few late blooms still giving it their all....

Verbena Bonariensis




A lone little cornflower in the middle of the veg patch.....


Globe Thistle (Echinops)


The most deliciously flavoured strawberries I have ever tasted......they are a French variety called Mara Des Bois.....said to contain the highest flavour and aroma of all strawberry varieties......of which I'd totally agree.....and, they start fruiting in early spring, and just continue throughout the summer.....last year we still had bright red berries dripping off the hanging baskets on 31 October......

Mara Des Bois

Garlic Chive

Verbena (Bedding)

These few little flowers, still blooming their socks off, really do lift my spirits on a wonderfully warm, late summer feels like even nature is trying to hold onto summer just that little bit longer.


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